Crawley Woods & The Coombe

29th April It's 7-30am on Sunday morning and we're blundering around Crawley Wood, trying to capture the early morning mist and the magical colours. We walk through The Coombe and out of the woods towards Gallows Hill. We said it yesterday but it bears repeating, on a good day the view would be great. A loop back across Ivinghoe Beacon, through the woods and we're back at the car before we know it, a short 3.4 mile walk.

Crocker End

21st April We're back to Bix again...and the sump-busting, pot-holed, crawl along the lane to park at the Warburg Nature Reserve. We are determined to make the most of the sunny weather and this time, the walk doesn't disappoint. It's probably the shortest walk we've completed in quite some time but nevertheless really enjoyable! Walking … Continue reading Crocker End

Horsleys Green

30th March This was a Good Friday afternoon walk with Hannah & David, a real family affair! There are a limited number of times we'll be able to do this so they're moments to be savoured, irrespective of the weather...which, incidentally, was rubbish. That's enough introspection! Stokenchurch, Radnage and West Wycombe are becoming familiar sights … Continue reading Horsleys Green