8th September

A week later and we’re back to Whitwell, parking in almost the same spot. The locals will be getting suspicious. Grabbing our stuff, we’re off before anyone can challenge us.

Compared to last week the weather is grey and overcast…and to tell the truth it sets the tone for our walk. There’s nothing to dislike about this walk but we’re learning that this part of Hertfordshire is just not very exciting…no good views or quaint villages, just countryside. That in itself is no bad thing but it doesn’t make for much to write home about. This time we walk south from the village and follow tracks and paths as far as Ayot St Laurence. In the summer the village is a minor tourist honey-trap…George Bernard Shaw’s house (now looked after by the National Trust) is probably the reason. Anyway, today the place is more or less deserted…the morning peace is disturbed by the clatter of horse hooves as the local riding school process through, otherwise we have the place to ourselves.

The return route takes us passed the Palladian grandeur of Ayot St Lawrence Church…I’m baffled by someone who’d construct a building to the glory of God in the style of a Greek temple…Sir Lionel Lyde could have done with some theological education…in fact he could have done with general education. His  wealth was built on buying and selling humans in the West Indies.

We return by way of Prior Wood and Kimpton. A 7 mile walk in the autumn morning gloom. We’re hoping for better weather next week.

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Kimpton picture gallery (more pictures on Flickr):

Distance: 7.0 miles ; Difficulty: Easy

Coordinates for Satnav: SG4 8BE

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Kimpton walk profile

Kimpton walk profile


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