Rotherfield Peppard

16th February

We’ve had a series of Bedfordshire walks over the last few weeks and it was high time we did a quintessentially Chiltern walk…and this was going to be it….except that the muppet who arranges the weekly walks forgot to load up the coordinates on the GPS before leaving…and I only discover this as we’re getting ready to walk out of Rotherfield Peppard.

Still, we make a good stab at completing the walk from my memory. We miss out a loop to the north on the walk out to the Thames and a loop that would have taken us further south on the return. Miraculously, the overall distance is pretty similar to what I’d planned and the best bit, the Thames section, is as planned…and plenty of snowdrops. A 11.2 mile walk and who knows, we may be back in future to do the walk properly!

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Rotherfield Peppard picture gallery (more pictures on Flickr):

Distance: 11.2 miles ; Difficulty: Moderate

Postcode for Satnav: RG9 5JN

os-map-buttondownload button


Rotherfield Peppard walk profile

Rotherfield Peppard walk profile


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