Great Gaddesden Walk

8th May

We did this walk after ‘Church at the Somervilles’ on 8th May. It was a blazing hot day in late spring and we parked up in the lay-by on  the A4146 (N51°47′ W0°30′) in Great Gaddesden. A 6.7 mile walk starting at Great Gaddesden, total time 2hrs, 16min (map).

We did take a wrong turn after only 10mins but it didn’t matter too much. We found our way across fields to the road and back on track after turning off Ledgemore Lane. The bluebells were out and rapeseed fields just coming into flower. We had the countryside to ourselves apart from the occasional cyclist and the walking was easy with no substantial hills and few stiles.

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(Postcode for sat nav HP1 3BW, Garmin Adventure)

5 thoughts on “Great Gaddesden Walk

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