Tarka Trail, Okehampton

24th October

Tarka the Otter was one of those worthy books people seemed to think you ought to read…although, to tell the truth, I found it rather boring… I didn’t have high hopes for the Tarka Trail. This was something to do on a dull day when there was better weather forecast for tomorrow.

Nevertheless it was more enjoyable than expected. We’re staying here and the Trail is a short walk from the cottage. Within 10mins we’re in Okehampton. From here we follow the Okement River as far as Charlotte’s Bridge (a tragic story) before turning north east for Stockley Hamlet, leaving the Trail behind. We zig-zag through the lanes as far as Brightly where we stumble upon Priory Cottage and both agree that we wouldn’t mind living there.

Abbeyford Woods are a short climb away and we rejoin the Tarka Trail. Plenty of autumn colours, mostly browns and yellows, and we’re back at the cottage before lunchtime. A much easier (8.7mile) walk than Meldon and no need to invoke the spirit of Bear Grylls.

To our surprise, as we browse the local newspaper later, we discover Priory Cottage is for sale. Dream on!

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Tarka Trail, Okehampton picture gallery (more pictures on Flickr):

Distance: 8.7 miles ; Difficulty: Easy

Postcode for Satnav: EX20 1RL

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Tarka Trail, Okehampton, walk profile

Tarka Trail, Okehampton, walk profile

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