Gaddesden Row

18th May Another pub walk this evening. This time from the car park of the Crown and Sceptre in Briden's Camp. We were last here in September 2016..that does feel like an age away! There's not much to Briden's Camp...if the Romans did stop off here they didn't leave much behind...a couple of cottages clustered around the pub and a cricket club over the road...which, as if to disown its location, is named after Great Gaddesden...all very confusing!


12th May With this walk, we've walked the complete length of the Chilterns in circular walks of various distances, from Luton and Dunstable all the way to the River Thames at Goring..and this is the 101st walk we've recorded on this blog. Increasingly, it's feeling like we need a change, even if Edlesborough itself has steadfastly resisted. This was a really enjoyable 11.9m walk and, apart from a stiff climb up onto Dunstable Downs at the beginning, and a slightly easier climb onto Ashridge at about 8 miles, it's a relatively easy walk.

Berkhamsted Common

11th May A short evening walk. In spite of the dull weather, this walk is a pleasant mixture of Hertfordshire woods and fields and takes in Berkhamsted and Northchurch Commons which overlook the Bulborne Valley. We catch fleeting views of the valley through the branches of some of the most gnarly oaks we've seen for a while. The last of the bluebells brighten the darker corners of the next week the display will be over for another year.

Cowleaze Woods

5th May It's probably the last 'Bluebell weekend' of the season...and the best! From Christmas Common the route follows a long, gentle descent through Queen Wood, Fire Wood and Longhill Hanging Wood and there are bluebells aplenty. We have the paths to ourselves and, by the time we reach the bottom of the valley, the air is thick with the scent of bluebells and the sunlight and shadows swirl through the heady mix.