Cliveden Woodlands

17th February

Probably the first spring-like walk of the year and Hannah’s joined us. Some mix-up over ordering a new printer and she’s back to collect. Whatever the reason, any weekend either of them are back is special…and at last we pick the sunny day to go for a walk. Not that the first part of the walk goes to plan.

I’d hoped to be able to walk through the grounds of Taplow Court but we’re accosted just inside the gate and directed back to the road. It’s a Buddhist retreat now and they’re not keen for anyone else to walk through the grounds. For a bit we wander back and forth trying to find the path marked on the map…we find Taeppa’s Mound but no path…in the end we give up and opt of a non-too safe walk along the road until we find the turning for the woodland walk.

The paths are thronged…mostly elderly couples walking dogs and young families. A couple of times we glimpse views through the trees across the Thames but mostly we’re splashing through pools of sunlight and dodging dogs and toddlers. We pause at the National Trust Cafe for coffee and cake before trying to find what we’d come for…the snowdrop display. To tell you the truth, we should have probably followed the footpath down the hill to the River and we’d have probably found them…instead, the thought of a long walk back up puts us off and we miss out. Perhaps we’ll get it right next year…if we’re back.

We find a way back to the car that avoids the busy roads. Overall a good 8.3 m walk but next time I’d opt to park in the grounds and miss out the walk from Taplow.

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Cliveden Woodlands picture gallery (more pictures on Flickr):


Distance: 8.8 miles ; Difficulty: Easy

Postcode for Satnav: SL6 0EX

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Cliveden Gardens walk profile

Cliveden Gardens walk profile


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