31st March

Grey, dull, misty and wet! That sums up Easter 2018. In spite of the Chilterns walks we’ve covered during the last 2 years, by and large we’ve overlooked Chesham and its Buckinghamshire valleys. We start off along the Chartridge valley. The clouds are low today. So low in fact, that the hilltops are shrouded in a soft mist A gentle climb towards Hundridge Manor, the ancestral home of the Chase family of ‘JP Morgan Chase’ fame, and we’re enveloped in a steady rain  & drizzle. We nod to a couple of cyclists on Little Hundridge Lane but they’re pretty much the only humans we’ve seen.  The only other signs of life have been a couple of deer disappearing through the hedge and enough finches to make one of us declare their intention to become a twitcher.

Beyond the Chesham Road the footpaths get really muddy, a theme that continues until we’ve skirted Hyde Heath and rejoined the road at Weddon Hill. By now each boot weighs as much as a small car and it’s a relief to stamp off the mud. We return to Chesham by way of Chesham Bois and yet more mud as we cross Mayhill Farm. The rain as accompanied us for most of the 8.1 miles and chases us into Chesham…some good weather for the next Bank Holiday, please!

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Chesham picture gallery (more pictures on Flickr):

Distance: 8.1 miles ; Difficulty: Moderate

Postcode for Satnav: HP5 1LF

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Chesham walk profile

Chesham walk profile

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