Firle Beacon, East Sussex

21st August

Getting old!

Back and knees hurt from decorating for a week and now I’m forgetting things. It’s a prerequisite of going on a walk without an OS map to take the handheld GPS instead…much harder when you try the walk without either! The annoying thing was I’d spent 10 mins locating the stupid thing before we left the house. Sue’s slightly alarmed by the rate at which I’m turning into my dad.

We parked up in The Ram Inn car park. We had a 10 mile walk from Firle planned but without the GPS decided we’d pick our way up onto the South Downs from Firle, walk along to the Beacon and then loop back to the village. In total the walk took us 2hrs 30mins and was 5.5 miles long (we’re slowing up!) but the views from the top were great, both towards the Channel and north towards Glynde and Hailsham. Perhaps we’ll have time later in the week to do the proper walk.

Postcode for Satnav BN8 6NS

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