Aldenham & Bricket Wood

3rd September

This is not our walk really. We stole it from David next door! Intrigued by conversations on the way to football, we set out this morning to track down The Picture House, in Bricket Wood.

Originally built as a holiday home for orphans in the 1890s it’s decorated with terracotta sporting scenes, cast by the boys themselves. The house is hidden away at the bottom of School Lane and probably best found by walking from The Mundens and Peartree Wood to School Lane. I’m rather embarrassed by how little of my neighbourhood I know, in spite of living here for over 20 years!

From Bricket Wood Common we turned left along Drop Lane as far as the ford. Here we made an unsuccessful attempt to follow the footpath across the Ver. We crossed by the stepping stones (in a none too athletic style) but the next crossing defeated us. Retracing our steps we found another route and walked on east as far as Netherwylde Farm before turning back towards Watford along the Oakridge Lane, Blackbirds Farm and the Wall Hall estate…and another surprise!

Not so long ago Hannah and David went to nursery here…now it’s become a gated community for the mega rich…who’d have believed it?

A 10 mile walk on a Saturday morning and back in time for lunch, all without having to drive to the start.

(Start, Westfield Avenue, North Watford)

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Aldenham pictures

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