Brookman’s Park

5th November

It’s always amused me that the good people of North Mymms have decided to spell their village name with a ‘Y’, as if to differentiate themselves from the rough lorry drivers down the road in the South Mimms Service Station. I imagine these people to be an over-spill from St Albans!

Starting in the station car park at Brookman’s Park, we skirt the Royal Veterinary College before crossing the A1(M) and entering Hawkshead Wood. The drone of motorway traffic is pretty much a constant background to our walk and there are plenty of others out enjoying the late autumn sun. We meet an agitated dad and distraught daughter who’ve lost the dog whilst having a sandwich. He’s anxiously phoning whoever he can for advice and calling ‘Stamford!’. There’s another thing that makes me smile…Stamford?! The poor girl looks devastated and you get the feeling dad’s life won’t be worth living if he returns without the mutt. They disappear ahead, half running, calling at intervals. Anyway, 10 mins later a tiny, hairless terrier puppy crashes passed us, on a mission. From the sounds of rejoicing ahead it appears all are re-united and dad can return home, pride intact!

Before we realize it, we’re passing North Mymms House. It’s at least 25 years since I was here last…for one of those awful HR courses where you decide if you’re a plant, monitor-evaluator or finisher-completer whilst wondering what you’d done to deserve this!

It’s unremarkable from here…Welham Greeen, BIG houses at Brookmans Park and back to the car park. Not the most interesting walk but the weather allowed for some good pictures. A local 10.7 mile walk.

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Brookman’s Park picture gallery (more pictures on Flickr):

Distance: 10.2 miles ; Difficulty: Easy

Postcode for Satnav: AL9 7SS

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Brookman's Park walk profile

Brookman’s Park walk profile

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