Bucklers Hard

4th March

Hampshire has some special memories, even if it’s over 30 years since I lived around here. It’s great to pick up David and, after a good Sunday lunch, drive out to the New Forest. I’m sure I didn’t really appreciate this part of Hampshire back then. Having said all that, last time I was at Bucklers Hard I’m sure it didn’t cost to get in. Now, as we drive up, the little man in the parking booth invites us in but instructs us to buy tickets at the shop…£7 each and that buys you access to a rather disappointing museum. It’s only after I’ve parted with my money that I pause to think, ‘Perhaps we could have avoided the shop and the museum, saved £21 and just started the walk’…which, after all, is what we’re really here for!

Given that only 24hrs before the country was caught in the icy jaws of the ‘Beast from the East’, today feels like a balmy Spring afternoon and by and large the snow has vanished. This is an easy walk along the Beaulieu River with plenty of time to talk and enjoy the company. We reach Beaulieu by late afternoon and even at this time of year the village is thronged with visitors…what must it be like at the height of summer?!

The return along the lanes is a less picturesque but, as if the make up for it, the sun comes out and the early evening light is beautiful. Bring on the Summer! A most enjoyable, if short, 5.1 mile walk.

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Bucklers Hard picture gallery (more pictures on Flickr):

Distance: 5.1 miles ; Difficulty: Easy

Postcode for Satnav: SO42 7XB

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Bucklers Hard walk profile

Bucklers Hard walk profile

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