Sarratt Bottom

17th May

It’s a open secret, amongst those who live in Watford…the best local walks are at Sarratt. So close to Watford, on the doorstep of the busiest section of the M25, and yet Sarratt inhabits its own tranquility bubble. An ideal destination on a warm spring evening, after work.

We park in the car park of The Cock Inn, Sue once more promising herself that she’ll buy a coke on her return. Well, to be fair, it would make an ideal way to finish this walk but past performance suggests we won’t be stopping on our return! We drop down into the Chess Valley before climbing towards Chenies and then walk as far as Chenies Place. The wonderful thing about this time of evening is that everyone is inside. The paths are empty. We’re even avoiding the ubiquitous dog walkers tonight.

The return leg, beside Frogmore Meadows and The Chess is accompanied by the slowly setting sun and we soak up the magical light. By the time we reach the car park, it has filled and Sue explains how we should leave so others can park and go to the pub…saves buying a coke, I suppose!

A lovely 3.9m walk, and in spite of us, I think this is properly classified as a ‘pub walk’.

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Sarratt Bottom picture gallery (more pictures on Flickr):

Distance: 3.9 miles ; Difficulty: Easy

Postcode for Satnav:  WD3 6HH

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Sarratt Bottom walk profile

Sarratt Bottom walk profile

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