Exlade Street

28th October

This morning the clocks went back 1 hour. What to do with an extra hour? Well, we decided we’d use it out walking. Today, we’re in Stoke Row.  I’d planned a walk to take in a couple of sights that somehow we’ve managed to miss up to now.

There are some good write-ups on the origins of the Maharajah’s Well (here and here) so no need for me to repeat them. A common feature of the Chilterns is the lack of rivers and the need for a village well explains this, with the interesting involvement of the Maharajah of Varanasi. The Nuba Survival is less well known, situated on the edge of a field just outside Checkendon…no signposts and no plaques to explain its meaning…you have to dig around a bit to discover the backstory. It turns out I’m already familiar with John Buckley’s work from trips to Oxford…the Headington shark is similarly enigmatic.

Just outside Stoke Row we stumble upon a tumble-down barn which could have slipped straight out of a Roald Dahl story and at Checkedon, the Checkendon Challenge…which looks like an opportunity to take your dog for a run whilst cycling…the video left me feeling sick…goodness knows how the dogs feel at the end.

This turns out to be our best walk for a while, the dull skies only serve to highlight the Autumnal colours in the woods, particularly as we pass through the woods around Woodcote. It’s lunchtime by the time we’re back at Stoke Row. A 10.5 mile walk and a thoroughly enjoyable use of an extra hour…sleep’s over-rated!

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Exlade Street picture gallery (more pictures on Flickr):


Distance: 10.5 miles ; Difficulty: Moderate

Coordinates for Satnav: RG9 5PS

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Exlade Street walk profile

Exlade Street walk profile


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