Sharpenhoe Clappers

8th July

Life has been busy recently and walking has been squeezed out. It’s good to get out today, we both need it! The countryside has turned golden yellow whilst we’ve been away and the sun has already burnt away the forecast clouds by the time we start walking. It’s hot! Legend has it that the Iron Age fort at Sharpenhoe Clappers is haunted by Cassivellaunus, a Celtic chief who was a thorn in the side of Julius Caesar. Apparently, he appears as a cloud on Sharpenhoe Clappers…well, not today!

This is ‘Bunyan country’. John Bunyan certainly got about a bit when he wasn’t in Bedford jail, almost all our paths are marked as ‘John Bunyan heritage trail’.  I’m sure the views from the Sundon Hills and Sharpenhoe Clappers have changed quite a bit since he was here. Huge fields of wheat and barley are the order of the day today. At least this part of the walk is in and out of beech woods. As we descend from the hills the sun is reaching its peak and the rest of the walk is across fields, as far as Pulloxhill and back by way of Harlington. It turns out we may have missed Cassivellaunus but I am to be haunted by something today-my slapdash approach to applying sun cream, which leaves me looking like raspberry ripple ice cream by the time we return to the car. A really enjoyable 9.4 mile walk at the height of the summer. More walks in Bedfordshire, we decide.

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Sharpenhoe Clappers picture gallery (more pictures on Flickr):

Distance: 9.4 miles ; Difficulty: Moderate

Postcode for Satnav: LU3 3PE

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Sharpenhoe walk profile

Sharpenhoe walk profile

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