7th October

Grey, grey, grey…grey skies, grey river, grey buildings. This was an interesting rather than enjoyable walk.

We’ve taken the Docklands Light Railway as far as Woolwich Arsenal…on the quiet the DLR as been steadily expanding eastwards and this is pretty much the furthest extremity of its march east…at the moment. Sue’s had a work appointment and this was an opportunity to meet up in town and do a very different walk.

We join the River at the Woolwich ferry pier and within a few minutes we’ve reached the Thames Barrier. The great silver domes could be made for a day like today, they blend perfectly with the dull skies and river. From here we head towards Canary Wharf, something which we appear to be doing for the next 3 hours as it looms menacingly to our right  The lazy meanders of the Thames mean we pretty much walk around three sides of Canary Wharf and by the time we leave it behind I’m glad to see the back of it!

This part of London is a microcosm of London itself with trendy re-developed warehouse apartments cheek by jowl with rather shabby social housing. Not before time we emerge at Tower Bridge. The path is now thronged with tourists and we slow to accommodate buggies, wondering pensioners and the ubiquitous selfie stick. At Westminster Bridge the crowds disappear as abruptly as they’d appeared. The final push to Vauxhall Bridge and up Vauxhall Bridge Road to Victoria Station is a slog and no longer enjoyable at all.

Probably the best part of the day, we meet Hannah for an evening meal at Victoria…she’s been up to watch Wicked at the Apollo Victoria and we get to rest our feet…17.4 miles on concrete hurts!

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Woolwich-Victoria picture gallery (more pictures on Flickr):

Distance: 17.4 miles ; Difficulty: Strenuous

Postcode for Satnav: SE18 6EU

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Woolwich-Victoria walk profile

Woolwich-Victoria walk profile

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