Horsleys Green

30th March

This was a Good Friday afternoon walk with Hannah & David, a real family affair! There are a limited number of times we’ll be able to do this so they’re moments to be savoured, irrespective of the weather…which, incidentally, was rubbish. That’s enough introspection!

Stokenchurch, Radnage and West Wycombe are becoming familiar sights on our walks and today we visit them all. I should have known this, I’m sure, but until 2013 Wycliffe Bible Translators had a conference centre just yards from where we parked the car at Horsleys Green…for now the site is being transformed into up-market retirement homes, apparently.

There are more hills on this walk than we’ve had for a while. Not that any of them were particularly difficult, just, if you’re out of practice (as we are) they take you by surprise. The rain is heavy and persistent and, disappointingly,  obscures most of the views. I get the feeling there are some great Chilterns views as we climb out of Piddington from the A40 and walk along the valley below Bledlow Ridge…it’s just we can’t see them. Nevertheless the conversation is entertainingly good and reason enough to get out. Well worth the 8.9 mile walk on Good Friday afternoon.

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Horsleys Green picture gallery (more pictures on Flickr):

Distance: 8.9 miles ; Difficulty: Moderate

Postcode for Satnav: HP14 3UX

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Horsleys Green walk profile

Horsleys Green walk profile

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