Cowleaze Woods

5th May It's probably the last 'Bluebell weekend' of the season...and the best! From Christmas Common the route follows a long, gentle descent through Queen Wood, Fire Wood and Longhill Hanging Wood and there are bluebells aplenty. We have the paths to ourselves and, by the time we reach the bottom of the valley, the air is thick with the scent of bluebells and the sunlight and shadows swirl through the heady mix.

Horsleys Green

30th March This was a Good Friday afternoon walk with Hannah & David, a real family affair! There are a limited number of times we'll be able to do this so they're moments to be savoured, irrespective of the weather...which, incidentally, was rubbish. That's enough introspection! Stokenchurch, Radnage and West Wycombe are becoming familiar sights … Continue reading Horsleys Green