6th January

Christmas and New Year have been very busy and time to get out has been at a premium.  We’re up and out early this morning in the hope of seeing a decent sunrise…no luck! Instead the gloom accompanies us for most of the walk.

We’ve been walking our way through Hertfordshire countryside towards Chesham over the last few weeks and today we plan to fill in the space between Bovingdon and the Chess Valley. We park on the green at Ley Hill and walk across fields and down the lanes as far as Latimer. It’s still early and most people are in bed as we skirt the village green and walk north along Flaunden Bottom. This part of the walk is along the road and it quickly becomes clear that if Latimer is still in bed, there are plenty of people using this as a short-cut between Chipperfield and Chesham. Repeatedly we’re jumping into the hedge to dodge the on-coming traffic. We both agree that next time we’d plot a route that avoided the lanes.

Eventually we reach Flaunden and the Green Dragon. A good place to stop for refreshment…if it were open. We still too early and there is no sign of life. We loop through the fields, skirting Bovingdon and eventually back to Ley Hill. An undemanding 8.8 mile walk but it still feels good to get out and enjoy the fresh air.

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Flaunden picture gallery (more pictures on Flickr):

Distance: 8.8 miles ; Difficulty: Easy

Postcode for Satnav: HP5 1UY

garmin-adventureos-map-buttondownload button

Flaunden walk profile

Flaunden walk profile

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