Bledlow Ridge

22nd October

Yesterday it seemed as if every dog owner in the Wycombe area was out walking their ‘best friend’…given my well established love of dogs it got a bit wearing at times! Nevertheless this walk was really enjoyable, if a bit long. At 14 miles, the last 2 miles were more of a route march really.

We set out in the early morning mist from The Boot. The views from Slough Hill and Windyhaugh Ho (Hell Fire Caves)  may have been good but we’ll never know. However, it served to re-enforce the message that Autumn had arrived in full force. As we climbed the valley to Cookshall Farm we stumbled through the West Wycombe shoot, apparently one of the best shoots in the UK. Well, they missed both of us!

By the time we reached Bradenham (late morning) the mist had largely lifted and the day was turning out to be pleasantly warm. The loop back to Bledlow Ridge took us by way of Lodge Hill, this time without getting lost in the brambles, and provided some great views back along the valley we’d just walked. An ambitious (for us) 14 miles morning walk which took us 5 1/2 hrs and meant we took the car to church this morning rather than walk.

(Postcode for satnav HP14 4AW)

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Bledlow Ridge picture gallery

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