Woodingdean, East Sussex

17th August

Well, this is more a walk ‘around Woodingdean‘ than a walk to Woodingdean. The 10.3 miles of this walk skirt the village, which from inspection of its Wikipedia page is no bad thing since it’s about as uninteresting a place as Markyate!

The weather promises to be good for the day so we start early. Beginning from Beavendean we climb out of the valley via the footpath through the Hyde Business Park. Great views back over the estate early in the morning. We cross Warren Road and follow the Racecourse south, around the golf course and on to Ovingdean. We stop off to look around St Wulfran’s Church, a pretty church in a peaceful setting, before walking on to Rottingdean and its picturesque village pond and then back over High Hill. Heading north from High Hill the valley leads up to the Castle Hill Nature Reserve. It’s so peaceful you could easily forget you are a matter of miles from Brighton. The sun is high by now and we stop for a brief rest at Falmer Bottom and watch the combine harvester and tractors busily making the most of the fantastic weather. We climb back onto the Downs at Newmarket Hill and turn west towards Falmer Hill and back to Bevendean. Woodingdean is definitely better walked around than through!

(Start, Norwich Drive, Bevendean, Garmin Adventure)

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