Aston Rowant

14th October

After last week’s detour via East London we’re back in the Chilterns. As last week, the weather is dull as dishwater and it’s left to the autumn colours to lift our spirits. As per normal we meet few people, which by and large, is the way we like it! The odd dog walker with an over-excitable puppy, a young couple with rucksacks who look like they mean serious business and ‘Tory Boy’ landowner! The latter we encounter as we walk through High Wood. He tells us his family have owned this estate for over 400 years. When we temporarily lose the path he loudly corrects us, telling us how he’d like to put walkers’ maps and GPSs where ‘the sun don’t shine’. It was on the tip of our tongues to point out that the arrows painted on his trees were confusing but we chose the less confrontational path. I bet he voted Brexit!

Still, he didn’t spoil our enjoyment. It’s good to be back on the hills, 10.3 miles and back before the afternoon football. Just a shame the weather hasn’t been better. Looking back, it seems autumn was much sunnier last year.

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Aston Rowant picture gallery (more pictures on Flickr):

Distance: 10.3 miles ; Difficulty: Moderate

Postcode for Satnav: HP14 3YL

garmin-adventureos-map-buttondownload button

Aston Rowant walk profile

Aston Rowant walk profile

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