Ruislip Lido

29th June We've parked in Kings College Road, from where its a short walk into Ruislip Woods. They are clearly well used and well loved...and rightly so! In a congested part of suburban London, places like this are to be treasured. Memories of wide games and British bulldog come flooding do autumn blackberry picking expeditions, planned like military operations. We used to return home with more blackberries than Mum could reasonably process and lived off jars of Bramble jelly and blackberry and apple pies well into the following winter.


16th June Leaving the car, we walk south across the fields to Cookham Rise before the long, gentle climb to Fultness and Quarry Woods, high above Bisham. Through the trees we glimpse Marlow but to tell the truth, for the most part the view is obscured by leaves and trees. The return takes in some views from Winter Hill, a gentle stroll along the Thames and a stop for an ice cream at The Bounty.