7th July

An easy, early evening walk. Hannah joins us for this reprise of our visit to Ruislip Woods. This time we loop through Mad Bess (some interesting speculation about the origins of the name) and Bayhurst Woods before ending up crossing Newyears Green Lane.

In the not too distant future HS2 will hurtle through here but today, the warm evening sunshine can be enjoyed in peace and quiet. The path beyond is not so enjoyable. The route skirts one of the largest composting plants in West London and the smell is unpleasant but clearly a masking agent is being used to hide something even worse…we’re not the first to notice this and it seems the smell has been more pungent in the past. A better planned walk would re-route to avoid this…you live and learn.

By the time we approach the outskirts of Ruislip the sun is dipping below the horizon and the warm sunset is some compensation. An overall enjoyable, short 4.9 mile walk.

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Ruislip Woods picture gallery (more pictures on Flickr):


Distance: 4.9 miles ; Difficulty: Easy

Postcode for Satnav: HA4 8BH

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Ruislip Woods walk profile

Ruislip Woods walk profile


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