Ipsden Heath

20th April

Easter Saturday and we’re out before most of the world is awake. As we wander through Park Wood, behind Nuffield Place, the milky light through the trees combined with the lilac carpet of bluebells is a magical experience. It’s worth getting up early for this! We turn south and head for Ipsden Heath. It’s hard to find paths around here that we’ve not walked but it’s no less agreeable for that. The sun is warm and the early morning peace is thoroughly enjoyable. This is better than working, any day!

The bluebells are still not fully out on Ipsden Heath. However, if the heat keeps up, this year they’ll be here and gone in the blink of an eye. Having watch David Attenborough I guess we’re both acutely aware of ‘change’.

Just outside Checkendon we loop north, through the Ipsden Valley and another chance to ‘admire’ Rowan’s home. We skirt behind the house, through Fludger’s Wood and get the full benefit of his security measures. He really doesn’t want to be disturbed…high hedges,  double barbed wire fences, CCTV and threatening warnings about his ‘Gurhka security’. We leave the paranoia behind and head across the fields to Nuffield. By now the paths are busy with walkers enjoying the sun and the relaxation that only comes from a good country walk. We’re back at the car park just after midday. An enjoyable 9 mile Easter  walk.

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Ipsden Heath picture gallery (more pictures on Flickr):

Distance: 9 miles ; Difficulty: Moderate

Postcode for Satnav: RG9 5RY

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Ipsden Heath walk profile

Ipsden Heath walk profile

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