13th January

This goes down in family history as ‘Not one of your better walks!’

Sue has years of teaching experience upon which to draw when summing up disappointment…and this was her damning conclusion to this afternoon’s walk. To be fair, it’s hard to argue. The intention was to start a series of circular walks which will take us around Luton (Sue can’t understand why we should do this either…but it appeals to me!) and this walk covers the M1 section. Well, it turns out the route includes a traverse of the East Coast railway line near Harlington Spinney and the Ichnield Way, across the aforementioned M1 (twice), a sewage treatment works, the largest electricity substation I’ve ever seen and a reclaimed landfill site. The only highlight, the village of Toddington, set on the hill above the motorway, has fortunately missed out on the awfulness which lies to the east and retains a sense of its ‘English country village’. Don’t say that too loud in case the 21st Century comes crashing it.

A 7.5 miles best forgotten…along with its accompanying mid-January gloom.

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Toddington picture gallery (more pictures on Flickr):

Distance: 7.5 miles ; Difficulty: Moderate

Postcode for Satnav: HP7 0HA

os-map-buttondownload button


Toddington walk profile

Toddington walk profile


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