Cholesbury…and another windmill

9th July

Watching football,  Sunday lunch, walking…all more enjoyable with friends. We may not say much when we’re walking but shared experiences build good memories and Adrian and Sue joined us today, making today’s walk that much more enjoyable.

We’ve walked Aldbury & Ashridge a lot recently so it was time for a change. This time Cholesbury (north of Chesham). However, I’d forgotten how all the valleys in this part of the Chilterns radiate north west from Chesham. In truth the views are not great (you’re either walking across a shallow valley or along its bottom) and perhaps it’s the time of year but many of the footpaths were overgrown or hidden by crops (map). Nevertheless  the conversation was good, so much so that I largely forgot to take pictures. Still, we managed to find a few worth keeping and Saturday lunch at the Full Moon, Cholesbury, was a good way to finish a pleasant morning’s walk (10.2 miles).

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3 thoughts on “Cholesbury…and another windmill

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