Rotten Row

1st November

Half term’s late this year…at least it seems so. The problem with booking time off work is you have to use it…whatever the weather…and today’s weather is rubbish. We set out from Hurley in the rain and it intensifies as we reach The River…big, heavy stair rods and within a couple of minutes we’re soaked! By the time we reach Temple Lock it’s eased off to a fine drizzle but the damage is done…I’m wet!

We head north from the River Thames, eventually picking our way up onto Marlow Common. There really isn’t much to report about this walk. Don’t get me wrong, it’s enjoyable and, as always, the conversation is good but we’ve completed lots of enjoyable walks through Chiltern woods and this is another of those.  By the time we’re descending into the Hambleden Valley it’s early afternoon, the rain has eased and the gloom only serves to enhance the lime greens, canary yellows and copper browns of the beech trees. I think it’s the best display of this year.

Hambleden, Mill End and we’re back along The Thames. The grey skies are punctured by rays of weak Autumn sunshine as we reach the meadows near Hurley. An 11.7 mile walk and I think this walk definitely deserves repeating…but in better weather.

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Rotten Row picture gallery (more pictures on Flickr):

Distance: 11.7 miles ; Difficulty: Moderate

Coordinates for Satnav: SL6 5LX

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Rotten Row walk profile

Rotten Row walk profile


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