Ditchling Beacon from Bevendean

25th August

Today Fitbit declared one of us to be an ‘Overachiever’ (30,000 steps, in case you’re interested). When I suggested the same might be said of their marriage it didn’t end well!

This was our longest walk for a while. All the decorating and building work is finished and we had a walk planned to take advantage of the good weather. We left the house at 8-30 am, temporarily delayed by the discovery at the end of the road that I was still wearing my slippers. Correct footwear installed, we climbed out of Bevendean onto Falmer Hill and on to the Universities and Stanmer Park. The long slow climb up to Ditchling Beacon was mostly through Millbank Woods, a relief given how hot the day was turning out to be and we rewarded ourselves with ice cream at the Beacon.

We turned East and walked along the Downs as far as the South Downs Way. There we turned south along valleys busy with farmers gathering in the harvest. A brief stop at the Swan Inn for pints of Coke was well deserved. Most of the local old people’s homes seemed to have arranged pub lunches for their residents so we didn’t hang around. We arrived home by 2pm, not bad for a 13 mile walk in that heat!

(Start, Norwich Drive, Bevendean, Garmin Adventure)

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Ditchling Beacon from Bevendean

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