Chalfont St Peter

17th June

Time for a couple of rants. Who’s reserving all the muppets to review my grants? Please, send the stupid people to comment on other’s ideas next time. They’re probably the same people that decided HS2 was a good idea. Honestly, what’s the point of a billion £ railway that shaves minutes from a journey to Birmingham or Manchester…and in doing so trashes the countryside in between. What’s more, no one bearing the cost of the railway can use it!

Quietly, just below the radar, HS2 is being built. The building site that’s sprung up close to Maple Cross serves those tunneling below the M25…we discovered this when our carefully planned walk from Chalfont St Peter fell foul of closed footpaths and diversion signs. All of which means a short 5 mile walk became an 8.4 mile walk.

Not much to report here. A pleasant walk spoilt by diggers and dozers although all the building disturbance has meant that at this time of year the fields are filled with a profusion of poppies. The fleeting show is scant compensation but we enjoy the display while it lasts.

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Chalfont St Peter picture gallery (more pictures on Flickr):



Distance: 8.4 miles ; Difficulty: Easy

Postcode for Satnav: SL9 8LJ

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Chalfont St Peter walk profile

Chalfont St Peter walk profile


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