Stoney Green

18th April

Sun’s out, go for a walk…easy decision! But where? There’s not much of the Chilterns that we’ve missed. We opt for Great Missenden and a walk that takes in the Chiltern woods.

You’d hardly notice it as you walk through but Angling Spring Wood has quite a following. Roald Dahl used to live close by, at Gipsy Cottage, and for all you aficionados, this is where Danny’s dad gets trapped trying to poach pheasants belonging to Mr Hazell. No sign of Danny or his dad this morning but the bluebells are starting to appear.

I suppose it’s obvious but I hadn’t thought about it until today…the reason the Chilterns are so wooded is the abundant flint, making most of the soil too poor quality to farm. Instead, the area has been ‘farmed’ for its beech wood to make furniture (Wycombe Wanders FC are still called the Chairboys). Which is just a prelude to saying that most of this walk is a ramble through the woods…and today the weather is perfect. We’re joined by Sue S today, which is lovely but means more talking and less ‘pausing to enjoy the view’. Still, on the way down to Stoney Green we do disturb a family of Roe Deer who have been minding their own business until we march into view. They beat a hasty retreat down the valley and leave us to press on towards Hampton Bottom.

Looping around Hotley Bottom (that name still makes me smile) we join the South Bucks Way, from where our return to Great Missenden is mostly down hill. A very enjoyable walk 9.6 mile in the woods…and the conversation has been good too!

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Stoney Green picture gallery (more pictures on Flickr):

Distance: 9.6 miles ; Difficulty: Moderate

Postcode for Satnav: HP16 9AE

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Stoney Green walk profile

Stoney Green walk profile

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