10th April

Universities are a great idea. You send away teenagers with limited social skills and receive back funny, interesting adults. Walking with Hannah and David is an enjoyable experience nowadays. Today their mother has reached a significant birthday and they’ve decorated her rucksack, which Sue largely takes in good part. Whenever we meet people on our walk Sue reverses the rucksack or passes them with a crab-like gait, which naturally creates much amusement! By way of revenge Sue points out that we’re BOTH in the 50-70 age group for surveys and censuses. That hurts!

If yesterday was warm, today is hot! We’ve done this walk before and the aim is to end up at the Shoulder of Mutton pub for a late lunch and much needed refreshment. We descend from the Ridgeway, virtually onto the front lawn at Chequers and into what appears to be a Saga holiday outing…now our contemporaries, apparently! We speed up to get away from them…well, all apart from those with short legs. I struggle along in the wake, hiding my difficulties with the pretence of taking pictures.

The walk finishes with a stiff climb back onto the Ridgeway at Lodge Hill and on to Coombe Hill and some classic Chiltern views. Mid afternoon lunch at the pub is a great way to finish off a 7.5 mile walk in near perfect weather.

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Chequers picture gallery (more pictures on Flickr):

Distance: 7.5 miles ; Difficulty: Moderate

Postcode for Satnav: HP22 6BN

garmin-aventureos-map-buttondownload button

Chequers walk profile

Chequers walk profile









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