Letchmore Heath

27th May

Letchmore Heath hides unseen between Watling Street and the M1, two great rivers of north-bound traffic a matter of a couple of fields away. Hiding in plain sight, the village seems quiet happy to let life rush by so long as no one bothers it too much.

We’ve left the car in Aldenham and after a rather scary walk along Hilfield Lane we’ve turned north across the fields towards Letchmore Heath. Last nights spectacular thunder storms have done little to lighten the atmosphere and out in the sun walking is hard work. It’s immediately obvious that walking in Hertfordshire is very different from the Chilterns. More open fields, few woods and less opportunity to hide…how does Letchmore Heath manage it?

We zig-zag around Aldenham School and across the fields as far as Watling Street before returning by way of Batlers Green and Round Bush. We pass the rather well appointed farm shop at Battlers Green Farm…and realize that’s how Letchmore Heath manages it…its too expensive around here for most people and those who can afford it aren’t talking! Nevertheless, an ideal 6.5 mile Sunday afternoon walk in the sun.

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Letchmore Heath picture gallery (more pictures on Flickr):

Distance: 6.5 miles ; Difficulty: Easy

Postcode for Satnav:  WD25 8BE

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Letchmore Heath walk profile

Letchmore Heath walk profile


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