Best Bedfordshire Walks

 Walk 1:

Whitehill Wood


Bunyan country and a 12 mile walk. We set aside the whole day and finished mid afternoon in the Raven at Hexton. Some hills at the beginning (Barton Hills Nature Reserve) and end (Pegsdon Hills) of this walk, otherwise the walk is pretty flat. Not many woods so on a sunny day, take the sun screen.

 Walk 2:


Sharpenhoe Clappers

More Bunyam country. This time with some good views from Sharpenhoe Clappers and Sundon Hills. A 9 mile walk with a long loop across fields to Pulloxhill. If necessary, the walk come be shortened quite easily to remove this.

 Walk 3:
Ivinghoe Beacon, January afternoon

Ivinghoe Beacon, January afternoon

Dunstable Downs

A gentle 7 mile stroll through the Bedfordshire countryside. Starting on the Downs, beware the final climb back up to Bison Hill car park felt brutal but probably because we were not ready for it!

Walk 4:
Brook End, Eversholt

Brook End, Eversholt


A 9 mile walk around the Woburn estate. Plenty of deer and views of the Bedfordshire countryside. There are no hills to speak of and the finish in Woburn village means there are plenty of places to eat and/or drink after the walk.