7th July An easy, early evening walk. Hannah joins us for this reprise of our visit to Ruislip Woods. This time we loop through Mad Bess (some interesting speculation about the origins of the name) and Bayhurst Woods before ending up crossing Newyears Green Lane. By the time we approach the outskirts of Ruislip the sun is dipping below the horizon and the warm sunset is some compensation for the previous unpleasant smell. An overall enjoyable, short 4.9 mile walk.

Berkhamsted Common

11th May A short evening walk. In spite of the dull weather, this walk is a pleasant mixture of Hertfordshire woods and fields and takes in Berkhamsted and Northchurch Commons which overlook the Bulborne Valley. We catch fleeting views of the valley through the branches of some of the most gnarly oaks we've seen for a while. The last of the bluebells brighten the darker corners of the next week the display will be over for another year.