Horsleys Green

30th March This was a Good Friday afternoon walk with Hannah & David, a real family affair! There are a limited number of times we'll be able to do this so they're moments to be savoured, irrespective of the weather...which, incidentally, was rubbish. That's enough introspection! Stokenchurch, Radnage and West Wycombe are becoming familiar sights … Continue reading Horsleys Green

Whiteleaf Hill

A walk that takes in two of the great panoramic views from the Chilterns, both also just a short walk from local car parks. It turns out that the principle of delayed gratification is over-rated! There are two great views on this walk. One from Coombe Hill and one from Whiteleaf Hill. We had a long walk planned and the weather was supposed to get better by mid-day. I intended to keep the views for the second half of the walk. Of course, doing this means the climbs are left to the end...


Back to Tring. We seem to have walked around here a lot...1, 2, 3...but this walk joins up sections of these walks with stretches we've not walked. Parking in Wigginton, we drop down from the Ridgeway into Tring Park and stumble into the Saturday morning park run...all very well organized with marshals in fluorescent jackets and routes pegged out with plastic flags. Our walk will be an altogether less well-planned affair!


A Chilterns highlight-the Spring bluebells at Dockey Wood, Ashridge Estate. We got up early Sunday morning to catch the sun rise and the bluebells before church...and frankly, it was worth the effort! As we arrive at Dockey Wood it's clear we're not the only people with this idea, the car park by the Wood is almost full and it's 7-30am.

Little Chalfont

This is not a strenuous walk and as the distance is short it leaves plenty of time for taking pictures and chatting. We only meet runners and dog walkers and the early morning around here is peaceful. Were it not for the occasional background drone of a plane, circling before landing at Heathrow, you could be forgiven for thinking you were in a different century.